Now that you've seen Anthony Rapp in Sony's RENT, see him as the slightly off kilter real estate agent in Slamdance co-founder Dan Mirvish's new real estate musical. Afterall, now that you've RENT'ed, isn't it time to OWN...?

Aside from all the Open House-related schemes, director Dan Mirvish has been stirring up some new controversies (and quite possibly a fatwah against him) by shooting a new short film as part of Albuquerque's recent Duke City Shootout. Check out "A Message from the President of Iran" to see what all the fuss is about!

Actual Open House news: In reaction to the recent federal court decision in favor of the Director's Guild v. CleanFlicks, Open House has become the first film EVER with it's own director-approved, downloadable, sanitized soundtrack! See the press coverage we got on this new take on the ongoing controversy. And if you want to download the alternate soundtrack, get it here.

And if you haven't heard, we are now the first indie film to ever get its own indie game! Check out the new video game - FREE! - and available right on your computer browser. Check it out right here to play "Sexy Swipers" where you, the player get a chance to do some sexy swiping of your own! Need more convincing? Check out the very unique trailer for the video game!

"A funny, fast-paced and above all very unique film. A film filled with interesting and hilarious songs about real estate that you won't be able to get out of your head! Kellerman is simply on fire!"
- FilmThreat

"A must-see favorite! Super cast! Kellie Martin scores as a yuppie fond of quickie sex in strange houses; Sally Kellerman, as a boozy, unsuccessful agent, delivers a torchy realtor's lament; and Ann Magnuson shows up very late and nearly walks off with the whole movie."
- Baltimore CityPaper

"In a rare and demanding move, all singing was performed and recorded live on set. Lovely!"
- Variety

"People loved it. It was funny. And it's about time somebody made a Real Estate Musical!"
- Carloss James Chamberlin, Senses of Cinema

"Mirvish, who is perhaps best known for co-founding the Slamdance Film Festival, creates a very funny and sardonic atmosphere that will have you laughing throughout....A genuine delight! The musical numbers are nothing short of hilarious." - Larry Katz, WTTR Radio

"Awesome! This is a hilarious, crazy movie! Thumbs up to director, Dan Mirvish; Sally Kellerman is excellent!" - Jim Muscarella, The Improper

"A triumph...unique and flavorful! The show is clearly stolen by Kellerman whose "Sellin' A Dream" song is the most completely marketable and pleasing thing in the movie. Hopefully, the Academy will remember it come nomination time because a proliferation of films like 'Open House' could usher in a new era in the musical genre." - Jonathan Hickman,

"Among its many send-ups are a showstopping duet, 'Sellin' a Dream,' performed by Sally Kellerman and Jerry Doyle."
- Regina Weinreich, The East Hampton Star

"A crowd favorite."
- S. Mark Rhodes, Films in Review

"It's Fantabulous! With Open House, Dan Mirvish has crafted the first great musical of independent film. Amongst a great cast, Sally Kellerman, Ann Magnuson, and Kellie Martin shine as they deliver Mirvish's toe-tapping tunes which you won't be able to get out of your head. Stylistically, it's a ingenious blend of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Preston Sturges, and Robert Altman. One of the songs is entitled 'Do You Love this House?' And the answer is a definite yes!"
- Terry Keefe, Venice Magazine

Thanks to all the Open House fans who submitted their entries into our contest to win a free DVD! For those who didn't hear, we had close to 2 million Open House signs up in North America over the weekend, and many of you took pictures of yourselves with them in an effort to be as Fantabulous as Anthony Rapp. And the winner was.... Ryan from Utah! Congrats, Ryan, you're fantabulous!!!

After a regional theatrical release, a controversial Oscar¨ campaign and an international film festival tour, OPEN HOUSE can now be seen by everyone starting November 15th throughout North America. So check it out at Netflix, go to your corner Blockbuster or order it through Amazon. The perfect holiday gift for anyone who's ever sold a house, bought a house, or lived in a house! Check out all the DVD extras!

After screening Open House to critical and audience acclaim at numerous film festivals this year, we found out about an Oscar¨ category that's been lying dormant for the last few years called "Original Musical." But on December 14, the Academy¨'s Board of Governors sparked a controversy by voting to scuttle the category - despite the fact that there were the requisite five eligible films, including Open House. The story had widespread coverage by the L.A.Times, Reuters, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and numerous online sources and newspapers across the country. (go here for all the latest press coverage)

The good news is that the Academy¨ also said that our entry in the "Best Original Song" category was still eligible: "Sellin' a Dream," performed by Sally Kellerman and Jerry Doyle and written by Lawrence Maddox and Dan Mirvish. The song has been singled out by every audience and in every review we've had. And who wouldn't want to see Oscar¨-nominee Sally perform the song at the Kodak Theater? (Sally actually sang at the Oscars¨ in 1970, the year she was nominated for her role in MASH). The Hollywood Reporter recently named the song as one of the Top 16 contenders for a Best Song nomination. To see a QuickTime of the "Sellin' a Dream" scene, click here. And want to load it up on your iPod? Check out the mp3!

Our latest scheme is creating the "Coalition of the Musical" with some toe-tapping fellow travelers to launch the "Indie Musical Challenge" - a manifesto of sorts to inspire other filmmakers to also make musicals. For the latest on this new side project - including a piece in Variety - go to Indie Musical Challenge.

If you're a journalist and you want to see or hear Open House, please email us at with your contact information and we will send you a screener or invite you to an upcoming screening. In any case, please take a look at our site for more information on the film. Thanks for your consideration!

Stay tuned here for upcoming screening info. Open House had its official Oscar¨-qualifying run Dec. 3-9 at the Magic Johnson Theater in Los Angeles. Many thanks to our good friends at QuVIS Digital Cinema who provided the digital server.

For more information on Open House, check out these fun pages!

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